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Why a podcast?

To quote my son, Mac "I like to hear myself talk".  No, seriously I am a very curious person and I love to ask all kinds of questions when I meet someone or when I am in a conversation.  I had this idea last year while I was on a plane listening to a podcast and even bought the equipment to start recording... And then I did nothing.  However, that idea and the desire to have this fun platform to interview friends, family and perfect strangers didn't let me go so here we are!  

How do you even make a podcast?

Beats me!  Seriously, I had no idea and I am still learning!  I would like to hire someone to edit it for me, but since it's for fun I am just diving in and learning as I go.   

Who will you interview?

Anyone and everyone.  So far I have interviews my husband and my son and have lans for friends, clients and have asked a few instagrammers that I admire and already have one YES!

What will you ask them?

This I am still working out.  Originally I wanted the format to be that each guest got the same series of questions.  The types of things I always want to ask people when I meet them.  totally random things..  But after trying that out, I realized it doesn't really flow so I will find my stride and see what works for each guest.  Who knows what it will evolve into.  

Will you really interrupt them?

Have you met me?  There's a 100% chance of that happening.  I get so excited and have to bite my tongue to not interrupt and ask something about what someone is saying.  #squirrel

Where can I listen?

You can download on iTunes or listen here!! Thank you for listening and I can't wait to hear your feedback and any questions you might have for me. 

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