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Photography & Social Media Management

Photography & Social Media Management

Photography & Social Media Management Photography & Social Media Management

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New in business and just can't seem to do "all of the things"?

Sometimes you may not even know what "all of the things" are.  From creating a branding strategy, to navigating social media, to selling YOU, and so much more, it's not easy.  BUT, it can be fun and less scary when you have help and someone who will give it to you straight. 

Business Veteran who just needs a nudge?

I am a seriel entrepreneur and have been self employed for 20  years.  Burnout is real!  Sometimes you need a reset and outside perspective to help you see what could be next!

I can help

I've been there. Having someone who has been there and made (SO MANY) mistakes and knows how to navigate the rough waters of running a successful small business  can be invaluable.  

Here's how

Through my completely custom 1:1 coaching & strategy sessions, I can help you gain more clarity on your business, develop a branding strategy and show you how to start to showing up more on social media!  It all starts with a quick conversation so fill out the form below and let's see if we are a good match.

"...take my passion from a hobby to a legit business"

Anna H. Smith Design

In the beginning I was skeptical of "business coaching". I really thought that it meant that I would just have a cheerleader in my corner telling me "great job" and "you'll get 'em next time". 

Girl, was I wrong! I am an interior decorator in Alabama, and when I started coaching with Teresa I had 2 clients and no idea how to get more. I was relying on word of mouth and cell phone photos of my work that I posted on my well intentioned Instagram. TERESA CHANGED ALL OF THAT! She took an audit of my business and helped me fix all the things that I was currently doing wrong, showed me how to elevate the things I was doing right, and what I needed to be doing to take my passion from a hobby to a legit business. 

Teresa has been a game changer. She has given me the tools, confidence, coaching, and, of course, cheerleading that I needed to take those two clients and turn them into a waiting list of clients! I couldn't be more excited about 2020 and for what's in store my business or more thankful to Teresa.  - Anna H. Smith


Apply to Work with Teresa

Apply to work with Teresa

Teresa is now available for 1:1 business coaching in areas pertaining to branding & social media.

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