Teresa Earnest Social

Photography & Social Media Management

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Content Creation?

Content creation is the making of photography and or video used to promote a brand or service.  Content Creation also includes custom graphic design to help best share your brand's message.  

What is social media management?

At TES, social media management services include creating content for social posts on instagram and facebook.  Those accounts are then managed with the TES team posting and engaging with your audience.  Think of it as a customer service rep on your social media channels!  Teresa and her team will work with you to grow your social reach via hashtag usage, clever conversation, branded graphics and even target ads.  No two services or products are exactly alike so TES will create a social media management plan tailored for you.

Can I hire Teresa Earnest Social to help set up my Social Media?

Absolutely!  We love helping our clients to get their social media off and running!  We can show you exactly how we manage our client's accounts, and engage with followers.  Need help creating a social marketing strategy. That's our jam!  After an initial 2-3 months of coaching you to run your own social media account(s) we can stick around to help you capture content (photos and videos) to share on social media!  

Can I hire Teresa as a consultant?

Teresa has worked as a consultant for brands to bring their social media and website up to speed.  This service is available only for select clients and would require a consult with Teresa so that she may learn more about your brand and better engage with your needs.  Teresa can offer insight on branding, influencer marketing, content creation and much more!  

Do you offer social media management using a brands existing content?

While we prefer to only manage accounts wherein we have a hand in the content creation, this would depend on the quality of content already in place.  Send us an email to discuss this further.  

How do I hire TES for my brand?

The process is simple and starts with a phone call or meeting!  Teresa will want to learn as much as possible about your brand and your marketing goals so that together you can create a plan to best capture and share your product or service.